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Chord Gitar Dan Lirik Lagu Easy On Me - Adele

15 Februari 2022 12:30 WIB

SonoraBangka.Id - Adele mengunggah video klip lagu ini di kanal YouTube-nya pada Jumat (15/10/2021).

Chord Gitar dan Lirik Lagu Easy On Me - Adele


[Verse 1]

                     C                     Am7
There ain't no gold in this river

                           Em                            Fmaj7
That I've been washing my hands in forever

                 G    C                           Am7
I know there is hope in these waters

But I can't bring myself to swim

When I am drowning in the silence

Baby, let me in


    C Am7    G
Go easy on me, baby

Em      Fmaj7
I was still a child

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